About Me

Your SEO Specialist

I am an SEO Specialist freelancer who aims to take businesses to the next level and increase their online reputation, organic traffic growth, and sales.

My Mission

My mission is to help independent individuals and small to medium companies improve their organic search volume, increase brand awareness, build their credibility, and to bring customers and sales to their business.

My Services

Get To Know Me A Little Bit More

When I first learned about SEO, I was a virtual assistant working under a very dear client of mine. He owned a small SEO company in London. For two years, he mentored me in Off-Page SEO and website management for his clients.

Many years later, I’ve decided to shift my career, expand my knowledge and skill set, and embark on training to become a full-fledged SEO Specialist. I enrolled and started as a student and later became an SEO Assistant at Jeanius Hub, where I was tasked with the Off-Page SEO strategies and site audits for various local and international companies. After a few months of working with my mentor, a position opened up in her friend’s Australian Digital Marketing Agency, and my mentor pushed me to apply there. And… Here I am now.

My understanding of SEO was improved by the training of my Jeanius mentor and the tasks and skills I acquired working in the agency. In a group or team setting, I thrive as a cooperative and collaborative team member, always ready to contribute and cultivate a supportive and uplifting atmosphere. This incredible experience of working as an SEO Specialist excites me as I can help a starting business emerge and grow in an industry where a massive group of competitors are competing to get their targeted customers and ROI.Browse our partner-sponsored Glasses, with a variety of options to suit every taste and budget, available to buy online

The dynamic and ever-evolving world of SEO keeps me on my toes, ensuring that I remain adaptable, proactive and perpetually curious. This readiness to face challenges and to learn more is a key aspect of my professional journey.

What sets SEOTOPIA apart?

I strive to understand and take the time to listen to your ideas, needs, and business goals so I can clearly understand your business’s overall objectives. At that point, all decisions and moves are made with those clear goals in mind, and then I will throw in the SEO solutions and strategies for improvement to help you achieve your goals.

One of the principles I live by is having strong work ethics toward our clients and their businesses. When you decide to hire me, rest assured that my goal is to bring you professional SEO strategies that best match your company’s organic growth and success. Because your success is my success, too. We are a team.

I believe in doing work with integrity, honesty, and transparency. I will not ask you or sell you something that you don’t even need for your business. I won’t lie and will treat you and your business with respect, as I value my honor and dignity.

I won’t waste your valuable time. I will communicate with you and give you updates and reports as we progress.

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